Carpet Cleaning

Love your carpet but hate the stains? Classic Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control is here to remedy that situation for you.
Our high-quality carpet cleaning service is the affordable and effective way to restore your carpet. Through the use of our powerful truck-mounted machinery, we can remove deep-down stains, pet odours and allergens.
We’re in the business of keeping carpets in excellent condition for home and business owners by addressing the downsides of carpet:
Stains — Carpet Cleaning in Bundaberg, QLD
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Extreme cleaning techniques are needed to get down deep into the fibres that make up your carpet. This is what we use to return your carpet to new condition by removing discolouration and ground-in dirt and grime.
Odours — Carpet Cleaning in Bundaberg, QLD
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Fibres also tend to hang onto odours that come from pets, tobacco use, and even cooking. These odours can linger for years in your carpet. Regular cleaning by Classic Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control will result in your home smelling fresher.

Allergens — Carpet Cleaning in Bundaberg, QLD
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Carpets that are not cleaned properly on a regular basis usually harbour allergens, such as dust and mites. Thorough cleaning will help remove them, so allergy sufferers can breathe easier.
With Classic Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control, you get safe and effective services that are completed to Australian standards and backed by a full satisfaction guarantee.
If, for any reason, you are not happy with our work, calmly give us a call and we’ll return to complete the job to your satisfaction at no additional cost.
We’re also more than happy to answer your concerns and provide you with information about our cleaning products and procedures. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.